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Celebrating 20 Years

Construction Professionals

Looking to advance as a modern construction professional?
We have courses for you.
Looking for the right construction experts?

We can help you.
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Future Under Construction

As part of CPG Corporation, one of Asia’s leading full service professional development consultancy firms, Construction Professionals Pte Ltd (CPPL) is the partner of choice for many spaces and structures that dot the Singapore skyline.

We have delivered more than 100 projects safely and efficiently. We look forward to working with you on your project.

We are also on a journey to develop the next generation of project management professionals for the modern construction industry. Enhance your capabilities and skill sets with our industry-leading courses and certification programmes.

Together, we shape the future of construction.





Our Promise

As your build partner, Construction Professionals is here to help you complete your projects with the highest quality, within time frame and within reasonable budgets. 

CPPL - Team - Construction Professionals Pte Ltd

Our Best Known Projects


ISO45001 QAI+SAC CPPL Construction Profe
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EMS-QAISAC-QAI Certification ES-2017-05_Construction Professionals Certification CPPL
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