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BIM Deployment

Higher Efficiency and Accuracy with Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Dihub Construction Professionals BIM training
CPPL BIM deployment, BIM Modeller, BIM coordinator, BIM Manager

Experienced BIM Deployment Professionals

CPPL is known for the quality of our professionals and their proven track record in delivering projects successfully. Our BIM professionals are the best candidates from an impressive talent pool. They are deployed on-site to work on highly accurate BIM models for the project teams and help to deliver on the clients’ efficiency and productivity goals.

Contact us if you have requirements for:

  • BIM Modeller

  • BIM Coordinator

  • BIM Manager

BIM deployment available from CPPL for all industries


Ready with your BIM deployment plan? Speak with us for the right BIM professionals to work with you to ensure that your project goals are met. 


Our talent pool of experienced and highly-sought after professionals can drive successful BIM deployment and implementation in your projects regardless of industries. 

Skyville@Dawson - Construction Professionals


Residential and non-residential (commercial/institutional) including project management of new buildings, upgrading projects or major alteration works.

CPPL - Infrastructure - Site Supervision


Site supervision of heavy engineering / public works projects including highways, expressways, bridges, roads, railway, deep tunnels, utility (water, sewage, gas, electricity) distribution and others.

CPPL - Industrial - Site Supervision


Site supervision of works for refineries (gas, water, power), power plants, manufacturing plants and others.

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