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Site Supervision

Great Spaces For Today and Tomorrow

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CPPL- Site Supervisors - Site Supervisio

Professional Team

CPPL has a strong team of award-winning Resident Engineers and Resident Technical Officers (RTO) as well as highly experienced, highly qualified and well-trained Resident Architects (RA) and Design for Safety Professionals (DfS Professionals) who have years of experience in helping to create some of Singapore's most iconic buildings and structures. We are ready to provide the highest level of on-site support throughout your project duration. 

We discuss with you to understand your project requirements and assign the most appropriate qualified professionals for your needs. We have a team of highly experienced, highly qualified and well-trained Resident Technical Officers (RTO), Resident Engineers (RE), Resident Architects (RA) and Design for Safety Professionals (DfS Professionals) for on-site support throughout your project duration. 

Chris Tan, winner of Exemplary Site Supervisor Award (YEAR) given by the Institute of Engineering Singapore (IES) – ACES Civil & Structural Joint Accreditation Committee (JAC), with nearly 40 years of experience explains:

"Our Project Management expertise have helped to shape the landscape of Singapore through various high quality projects in both public and private sectors. The industry sectors include Education, Homes/Residential, Leisure and places of Worship.

The importance of Project Management in construction cannot be overstated. Our Project Managers advance our client's strategic goals by managing people, time and costs to ensure the efficient start, progress and completion of every project. CPPL offers a wide range of services for buildings, infrastructure and industrial projects."

Construction Professionals Singapore takes care of full scope of construction management


Ready to build with your blueprints? We can help you get started on the right track. We can help you turn your dream into reality safely and efficiently. By planning at the early stages with you, you will be able to set specific goals and have the full project schedule to meet these goals. You will be able to see the full scope of work, deliverables and team requirements from the start before we form the team of professionals for your project. You can rely on us to maintain control of your dream as it takes shape.

CPPL - Skyville at Dawson - Project Mana


Residential and non-residential (commercial/institutional) including project management of new buildings, upgrading projects or major alteration works.

CPPL - Infrastructure - Site Supervision


Site supervision of heavy engineering / public works projects including highways, expressways, bridges, roads, railway, deep tunnels, utility (water, sewage, gas, electricity) distribution and others.

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Site supervision of works for refineries (gas, water, power), power plants, manufacturing plants and others.

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