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About Us

Turning concepts and aspirations into spaces and structures that stand the test of time

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What We Do

Construction Professionals Pte Ltd (CPPL) is Singapore’s longest serving infrastructure and building construction professional organisation dedicated to one mission — turning concepts and aspirations into spaces and structures that stand the test of time. As a part of the former Public Works Department, we laid the founding standards and practices for safety and quality in the industry while transforming the country’s skyline from village to metropolis. Today, we continue to be committed to the highest professional standards for our people, our industry and our communities tomorrow.

Our Promise

As your build partner, Construction Professionals (CPPL) is here to help you complete your projects with the highest quality, within time frame and within reasonable budgets.

We operate in the heart of Singapore's construction industry, always moving forward and looking ahead to leave a positive legacy in our industry and our communities.

We empower our clients to achieve building and construction successes with services such as site supervision, project management and BIM deployment. We also help to develop the next generation of modern construction professionals in the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industry with the most advanced learning and development courses.

We are always moving forward. Just like you.

Vast Experience

For decades, our expertise has been called to bear in the building of major transportation infrastructure such as airports, rails, expressways and tunnels, townships with homes, malls and places of worship, commercial developments with offices, sporting and recreational facilities such as stadiums and malls.

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Our Passion

"It's not rocket science but everything we have helped to create is real and technologically ahead of its time.

Whether it is one of the world's busiest airports, latest industrial estates and comfortable living spaces that we call home, we have made these real, safe and liveable for generations to enjoy.

This is our passion, it is our craft. we are the professionals who future under construction rely on."

—  Tan Cheng Chuah, Managing Director

Construction Professionals Pte Ltd

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We're Different

Our engineers are passionate about their work and the projects they've helped to create for Singapore. Meet winners of the Exemplary Site Supervisor Award given by the Institute of Engineers Singapore (IES) - Association of Consulting Engineers Singapore (ACES) Civil & Structural Joint Accrediation Commitee (JAC) between 2013 and 2018. 

Let's hear from them

Construction Professionals Singapore - Quality Project Management


No detail is too small for us. We take pride in the best quality projects.


We keep the project team on track with budget management.


We execute to plan and we keep everyone on the project team on schedule

Workplace Safety & Health

Employees are our most important asset, and the safety and well-being of employees are vital. We strive to create a workplace that puts our employees in a safe work environment with zero accidents, injuries, or occupational dangers. Our "Zero Harm" strategy reflects our steadfast commitment to continually improve safety standards through robust safety policies and procedures. We encourage our employees to take an active role in ensuring a safe working environment through knowledge sharing, offering feedback and developing new methods to improve workplace safety. Together, we work to create a safe and healthy work environment for all CPG employees. Read “CPG Corporation’s Workplace Safety and Health Policy” here


Whistle Blowing Policy

At CPG, our employees are expected to conduct themselves with a high standard of professionalism and ethics in business. As part of good corporate governance, employees or external parties can raise concerns and bring attention to our management, any possible violations, unethical or questionable practices in confidence without risking reprisal. For any disclosure, please email

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