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Our Expertise

Great Spaces From Concept to Creation

CPPL construction management, Skyville@Dawson
CPPL construction site management, National Art Gallery Singapore

Site Supervision

We assign the most appropriate professionals for on-site support throughout your project duration.  


Our Resident Technical Officers (RTO), Resident Engineers (RE), Resident Architects (RA) and Design for Safety Professionals (DfS Professionals) are highly experienced and qualified for diverse projects. 

Construction Professionals Singapore on their project management

Project Management

We can help you get started on the right track, turning your dream into reality safely and efficiently.


We conduct early stage planning with you, set specific goals and develop the full project schedule to meet the goals.


You can rely on us to maintain control of your project as it takes shape.

CPPL BIM deployment and implementation in Singapore

BIM Deployment & Implementation

We know that efficiency and productivity goals are key to your projects. 


Our BIM professionals can help you achieve these. We have an impressive talent pool to support your on-site BIM deployment and implementation needs.

DiHub certification courses for architectural, engineering and construction AEC industry

Professional Advancement

We advance the careers of modern construction professionals with recognised certification and enrichment courses for architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. 


Check out our most popular courses such as BIM Training, project planning, safety courses and drone training here:

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