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Training for the Modern Construction Professional 

New Skills, New Capabilities for Tomorrow’s Professionals


What We Do

Construction Professionals Pte Ltd (CPPL) is Singapore’s longest serving infrastructure and building construction professional organisation dedicated to one mission — turning concepts and aspirations into spaces and structures that stand the test of time. As a part of the former Public Works Department, we laid the founding standards and practices for safety and quality in the industry while transforming the country’s skyline from village to metropolis. Today, we continue to be committed to the highest professional standards for our people, our industry and our communities tomorrow.

Latest Learning & Development for Modern Construction Professionals

“Learning never exhausts the mind,” said Leonardo da Vinci. We cannot agree more. CPPL, through our sister company, Dihub, has been offering the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industry’s most advanced learning and development courses. 

Our learning and development classes are classified into three categories: 

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) – we are the specialist in BIM, proudly offering a wide range of training for BIM for professionals who want to be skilled BIM modellers, focus on BIM collaboration and enhancement, as well as industry-recognised certification for BIM professionals.  

  • Drone training sessions – our drone flying masterclasses from basic, intermediate to advance are highly popular with professionals in the AEC industry.

  • Project Planning training session – CPPL empowers industry professionals such as project managers, project directors, project coordinators, engineers and architects to enhance their planning skills and better manage projects with industry-leading tool. 

Our Passion

“Through our close collaborations with stakeholders in the building and construction industry, as well as our frequent interactions with our trainees, we have our finger on the pulse of this industry’s development. As such, we are constantly look forward and offering the latest courses to address skills gaps in the AEC industry.

—  Alimatu Sadiah Bte Madon, one of CPPL’s experienced BIM professional

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