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Frequently Asked Questions

Training FAQs

1. How is Construction Professionals Pte Ltd (CPPL) related to DiHub? I had signed up for training at DiHub but I realised that these are now under CPPL. Is my training or certification still recognised?

As part of CPG Corporation, Construction Professionals Pte Ltd (CPPL) is the partner of choice for clients who require project management and site supervision services while DiHub offered specialised services and training in BIM (Building Information Modelling).

In 2020, CPPL embarked on a journey to meet the requirements of the modern construction industry, and to develop the next generation of AEC professionals for the construction industry with industry-leading courses and certification programmes. As such, DiHub became part of the CPPL family, and all training and certification programmes previously facilitated by DiHub will continue to be recognised in the industry.

2. How do I register for training at CPPL?

Just 3 simple steps from registration to confirmation of training:

  • Step 1 – Register. Select your preferred course and fill in your information. Upon registration, you will receive an email notification with the registration number and amount payable.
  • Step 2 – Payment. Pay the full amount due by bank transfer (e.g. PayNow, iBanking, etc) or cheque.

For payment via PayNow (UENxxxxxxxx) or iBanking, please state your registration number in the field for our bank reference and email us the screenshot of the completed bank transfer/PayNow or iBanking.

For cheque payment, please state your registration number on the back of the cheque, cross your check “A/C Payee Only” and issue it to "CONSTRUCTION PROFESSIONALS PTE LTD". Send cheques by post to us at Construction Professionals Pte Ltd, 1 Gateway Drive, #24-01, Westgate Tower, Singapore 608531. (Attentioned to: Ms. Alimatu Madon)

  • Step 3 – Confirmation. Once we have received the payment, we will send you a confirmation email for your course.

We look forward to having you at our training!

3. Can I use my SkillsFuture credit to pay for my course fees?

We have one course that has been accepted under the SkillsFuture Series – Autodesk Revit Architecture – Fundamental. For this course, eligible Singapore citizens and permanent residents can use their available SkillsFuture credit to offset part of the course fees.

4. For company-initiated training, how do I apply for group training classes?

We welcome group training initiated by companies for their employees. Please contact our team at to discuss your requirements.

5. Do you accept payment via PayNow, bank transfers, credit cards or cheques?

For all our courses and training programmes, we require payment upon registration. Payment can be made via bank transfers such as iBanking and PayNow or by personal or company cheques. Please state your registration number in all these payment modes, and for the bank transfers such as iBanking or PayNow, please email us the screentshots of the successful transfers.

6. Do you provide receipts of payments?

We are happy to provide receipts of payments upon request.

7. Are your courses conducted online or in-centre?

As a general guide, all our courses are conducted in-centre or on-site. One such on-site course is for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV or drone) training in which trainees can gain hands-on experience by flying the drone in an open field. We only offer online training on request basis and under certain conditions.

8. Do you have any courses on weekends or after office hours?

All our courses are conducted on weekdays between 9:30am and 5:30pm, excluding public holidays and weekends.

However, as an exception due to the growing demand for courses on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV or drones), drone flying courses are available during weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

9. Where is the list of trainers and can I choose the courses or sessions based on the trainers?

All CPPL trainers are highly experienced professionals in the industry. We welcome and will try our best to accommodate any relevant requests participants may have.

10. I have made my payment but now I’m not able to take the course. Can I reschedule or get a refund?

We take effort to put together high quality, industry-recognised courses and certification programmes for our participants. As a mark of respect to our industry trainers and participants, we have a clear policy of no refunds for missed classes, courses or examinations, or for sudden withdrawals from the courses or examinations. Please note that for courses that run in a series of classes, we need all participants to commit to those stated dates as there will be no rescheduling requests allowed. We also do not offer participants other classes to make up for missing any of the classes in that series. That being said, if you are able to share with us a valid reason for missing a class or examination, we will take the reason under consideration. If your request for rescheduling is approved, please note that you will still be subject to the availability of the courses or examination in the next available allocation.

Other Important Notes:

  1. All Courses and Examinations are conducted in English, unless otherwise stated.

  2. For onsite training, participants must use their own hardware and software.

  3. All our fees quoted are subject to the prevailing Goods & Services Tax (GST) in Singapore.

  4. Our company policy prohibits us from accepting cash payment. Please do not pay for your course using cash.

  5. In the event that you failed to confirm the course (e.g. registered but not paid) or that the specific course did not attract the minimum number of confirmed participants, CPPL has the right to amend any details relating to the course or its fees without prior notice, or cancel or postpone the course.

  6. We will award the Autodesk Certificate of Completion to participant(s) who meet the minimum course requirements, which is at least 75% attendance of the total course duration.

  7. We provide course materials for your learning and development, not for sharing. As such, please note that no reproduction or distribution of all course materials provided to participants is permitted without written approval by Construction Professionals Pte Ltd.

  8. If you have one (1) examination voucher, please note that this means you are only entitled to one (1) examination attempt only.

  9. All examination vouchers shall be valid for up to 3 months from the date of issuance/from end of the Course(s), whichever is applicable.

  10. Kindly note that all participants must abide by CPG / CPPL’s Safe Management Practices. As a consideration to the health and safety of all participants, any participant who does not abide by our Safe Management Practices will be denied entry to our in-centre training.

Getting to CPPL’s office

1. By MRT

Route 1

  1. Alight at Jurong East MRT station.
  2. Turn left at the MRT turnstiles.
  3. Walk straight and take the escalator down to the ground floor.
  4. Walk straight to the end of the ground floor atrium and turn right.
  5. Walk past the colourful Panda family exhibition towards the ground floor taxi stand.
  6. Walk past the taxi stand to Westgate Tower and take the escalator up to the lobby located on level 2.
Route 2 (via the mall)
  1. Alight at Jurong East MRT station.
  2. Look for signs and enter Westgate Mall,
  3. In the mall, turn left at BreadTalk.
  4. Take the escalator down at ToastBox.
  5. On your right, you will see the Westgate Mall door.
  6. Walk past the Westgate Mall door towards the ground floor taxi stand. (do not enter the mall)
  7. Walk past the taxi stand to Westgate Tower and take the escalator up to the lobby located on level 2.

2. By Taxi

  1. Please drop off at the Westgate Tower taxi stand.
  2. Upon alighting, walk left towards Westgate Tower door.
  3. Take the escalator up to the lobby located on level 2.

3. From Westgate Tower Lobby to CPPL’s office

  1. At level 2 lobby area, please do a SafeEntry check-in, take your temperature and get your gantry access card at the security counter.
  2. Kindly note that you will need to produce your NRIC, FIN or passport to get the gantry access card.
  3. Enter the relevant lift lobby with your access card (tap on your right).
  4. Take the lift up to level 25. Tap your access card below the number panel and press 25.
  5. On level 25, head to CPG’s office. Do a SafeEntry check-in via TraceTogether App and inform the receptionist that you are here for training.
  6. You will be guided to Cinder Room.
  7. Do a SafeEntry check-in via TraceTogether App before you enter Cinder Room.

Participant FAQs

1. Safe Management Practices

  1. All participants must wear masks covering the nose and mouth at all times in CPPL’s facilities.
  2. Everyone needs to always maintain at least 1m distance from each other.
  3. Upon arriving at Westgate Tower, all participants need to do temperature checks and check-ins via TraceTogether-only SafeEntry (TT-only SE).
  4. IMPORTANT: Westgate Tower security will deny entry under the following circumstances:
    • Participants with fever, colds or flu-like symptoms
    • Participants who choose not to use TraceTogether for SafeEntry check-in
  5. For participants taking full-day / 3-day training courses at CPG / CPPL premises, please note that you will need to check in using TraceTogether App twice at these times:
    • First thing in the morning when you enter our premises (CPG office and training room known as Cinder Room)
    • After lunch when you re-enter our premises (CPG office and training room known as Cinder Room)
  6. As a consideration towards the health and safety of all participants and trainer, please alert our staff via WhatsApp if you are not feeling well. Early/ advance notice to the mobile number provided in your confirmation email will enable us to re-schedule you for another date and time.
  7. Finally, please email us your responses to the following questions at least 3 working days before your course starts:
    • Are you or any member in your residence feeling unwell (e.g. fever, sore throat, coughs, colds or flu, etc) presently or have felt unwell within a 2-week period? Please share the details of this information with us.
    • Are you or any member in your residence serving a 5-day Medical Certificate (MC), Leave of Absence (LOA), Stay Home Notice (SHN) or Home Quarantine Order (HQO) presently or within the past 21 days? Please share the details of this information with us.
Let us fight against COVID and minimise transmission. Together, let us all keep safe, stay healthy and emerge stronger as one!

2. General Notes for All Participants

Please be seated in the training room at least 10 minutes before class. As a courtesy to all participants and trainers, we will start classes punctually. What you will need to bring along besides your positive attitude are:

  • Your own laptop and applicable licensed software for the training
  • Your own water bottle or tumbler, pen and jotterbook. We provide drinking water on-site.
  • We recommend that all participants bring along a jacket and an extra mask.
We look forward to meeting you in person at the training!