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National Gallery Singapore

CLIENT PROJECT: The former Supreme Court of Singapore and City Hall were transformed into the new National Gallery Singapore. Situated at the Civic District, the National Gallery is set amidst the picturesque St Andrew's Cathedral, the Arts house, Victoria Theatre and major governmental buildings, the Supreme Court and Parliament House.

SERVICE PROVIDED: For almost five years, CPPL collaborated with CPG Consultant (as part of an integrated solution offered by CPG Corporation) on the National Gallery project. CPPL provided site supervision services to help the client throughout the project period to ensure that the preservation, restoration and retrofitting of the former Supreme Court and City Hall were untaken smoothly, efficiently and at the highest quality. The overall project included the installation of micropiles, shoring frames for preserved facades, diaphragm wall and contiguous bored piles, as well as the construction of a three-storey basement and the addition of ramps to existing buildings.

LOCATION: St Andrew's Road, Singapore

"It was a large scale restoration work lasting almost 5 years from 2011 to 2015. It was a job unlike any other - for instance, we had to be the 'artist' on this project because as restorers, our work is just as complicated and requires absolute attention to detail so that the colour, texture and tonality are accurate." " In this project, we had a multi-cultural team with different working styles and different methods of handling the tasks. My job was ensure that the collaboration is smooth in order and that every process is according to the tender and done with quality. It was a great team effort and I'm proud to have been on this project - this is my engineering contributor to Singapore. I'm happy that the next generation of Singaporeans can enjoy and appreciate this new National Gallery that came from a big part of Singapore's history. "

Low Tiang Thong, CPPL, RTO & Project Site Supervisor


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