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Ng Teng Fong General & Community Hospital

Ng Teng Fong General Hospital & Jurong Community Hospital, NTFGH-JCH is a next-generation healthcare hub in Singapore. Its comprises 8 levels of specialist clinics, 700-bed general hospital and a 400-bed community hospital. The complex introduces a superlative healthcare continuum from acute to step-down care. Departing from the traditional hospital design, NTFGH-JCH features an innovative herringbone concept where "every patient has a window", lowering the chances of cross infection while allowing generous spaces for clinic bedside care. All wards are designed for flexible conversions between service classes. NTFGH and JCH operate symbiotically with NTFGH providing medical and general support services to JCH and the latter receiving NTFGH's recovering patients. Altogether, the hospital hub features sprawling parks for patients and the community, complete with a jogging track and comprehensive rehabilitation facilities.


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