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Skyville@Dawson is a 960-unit development comprising three 46-storey towers that connect laterally with sky bridges. Each tower is a stack of four "sky villages" comprising 80 homes. Units in each "sky villages" look onto and share a naturally ventilated community terrace garden. Community spaces are plentiful on the ground floor, where community living rooms and a landscaped park sit amid enormous rain trees.

Gardens occupy every 11th floor, and the roof garden features a 400-metre jogging track. SkyTerrace@Dawson is a 758-unit development made up of five towers of 40 to 43 storeys that sit atop a parking podium. One of its key features is the multigenerational units where each studio apartment is fitted with a connecting door that opens into the upper level of a four-or-five-room loft flat. The 65 multigenerational units enable ageing parents and their children to live beside each other while affording them privacy. The 179 high-ceiling loft units, suitable as home offices, are another key feature of the development. They also adopt passive systems over energy-intensive solutions, using natural ventilation and sun shading to keep common areas and apartments cool. Rooftop solar panels generate power for common areas. A system of rainwater harvesting and filtering has also been integrated into the landscaping, taking advantages of Singapore's high rainfall.


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