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PRESS RELEASE: CPG Celebrates Opening of New Office at 1 North Coast

The new 10,000 square feet office is built for enhancing collaboration and staff well-being

Singapore, 19 September 2022 – CPG Facilities Management Pte Ltd (CPG FM), CPG Construction Professionals Pte Ltd (CPPL) and PM Link Pte Ltd (PM Link), three subsidiaries of Singapore-based multidisciplinary-consultancy services and building management firm CPG Corporation (CPG), celebrated their move into a new 10,000 sq. feet office at 1 North Coast with a grand opening today.

The COVID pandemic has, in the past three years, transformed how we work, with many businesses adopting a hybrid work model. With working from home in the equation, how an office space allows employees to connect with people they may not interact with daily becomes a key consideration in providing a holistic workspace. The new office designed by VIA+ Design Studio (interior design consultancy arm of CPG) focuses on the well-being of employees and the needs of a multidisciplinary workforce.

One of the features that catches one’s eye when entering the new office is a striking vertical green wall that conveys an instant “organic” feel of active biophilic wellness. It is part of a spacious collaboration space known as the “Collab Area”, an aesthetically pleasing communal space that allows employees to hot-desk and interact. This “Collab Area” also serves as a hub to enable employees the flexibility to host clients and events and get together to exchange ideas, explore business opportunities and generate innovative strategies. Considerate placements of vending machines in the space also make it convenient for employees to obtain refreshments as and when required, even in the middle of discussions.

While the “Collab Area” acts as a network driver, thought has also been put into providing distraction-free focus spaces for employees. Semi-private open seating within the common collaboration space offers an excellent acoustic environment for users hoping to engage in quiet discussions. There are also three privacy pods that employees can use if they need some “me time” or a place to take private phone calls.

Two pantries ensure that employees have ample access to refreshments for a quick recharge at any time. The pantries are designed to allow maximum natural light through the full-length windows, enhancing employees’ moods and energy levels and aiding energy-saving efforts. Views of the exterior also extend the visual sense of active green relief, encouraging the connection to nature and helping people navigate their day through relaxation.

The colour theme of the office is also selected to provide a sense of comfort to its occupants. Consisting hugely of timber tones and neutral colours like beige, warm greys and white, these welcoming colours help to create a spatial response of calmness and retreat.

Aside from tangible facilities that support well-being, the CPG management is also mindful of indoor environmental health for employees. Good indoor air quality (IAQ) not only leads to improved productivity through a healthier working environment, it also minimises the possibility of having potentially harmful chemicals and pollutants. With an active IAQ monitoring program in place, actions can be taken to ensure the continual advancement of the health, comfort, and well-being of employees.

Most of the office’s interior finishes are also sustainable, recyclable and meet international green label standards. For instance, all carpeting is carbon-neutral and the acoustic panels used on the walls and ceilings are 100% recyclable and LEED certified.

Commenting on the new office, Chief Executive Officer of CPG FM, Mr. Alan Goh, said: “The recent pandemic has accelerated and changed workplace trends. Now is the time to ensure that we create work environments that accommodate these dynamic shifts and boost employee well-being and engagement. We want to create an office that people want to return to because a happy employee is a productive employee.”

Managing Director of PM Link and CPPL, Mr. Tan Cheng Chuah, added: “With a collaborative office space designed to be conducive and commodious, our employees can have more opportunities to engage and share ideas in a happy working environment. This enhanced synergy makes it easier for us to leverage CPG’s multidisciplinary advantage and value-add to the built environment.”

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For more information, please contact:

Tia Kai Yen Vice President Corporate Communications CPG Corporation Pte Ltd Tel: 6357 4034 / 9276 6077 Email: Ashley Wu Manager Corporate Communications CPG Corporation Pte Ltd Tel: 6357 4890 / 9824 4447 Email:

About CPG Corporation

CPG Corporation (CPG Corp) is in the business of shaping enduring spaces for today and the future.

As the corporatised entity of the former Public Works Department of Singapore, CPG has played a part in shaping Singapore’s skyline with landmark developments such as Singapore Changi Airport, Gardens by the Bay, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, National Gallery Singapore, as well as the National University of Singapore (NUS) campus.

Together with more than 1,600 talented individuals in the CPG group of companies, CPG Corp is one of the leading development professionals in the Asia-Pacific region, providing a full spectrum of infrastructure and building development and management services. Today, the company operates in seven countries, and has established a presence in four key regions including Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America.

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About CPG Facilities Management

CPG Facilities Management (CPG FM), a subsidiary of CPG Corporation, provides comprehensive and effective facilities management solutions which ensure complete building functionality while fulfilling the safety and comfort needs of the users inside. CPG FM’s diverse portfolio includes public buildings, security complexes, offices, educational and research institutions, as well as hostel and township management projects.

Dedicated to service excellence, we actively collaborate with clients to develop bespoke service models that best suit the client’s business and industry. While our design consultants transform clients’ visions into reality, the CPG FM team steadfastly ensures that these one-of-a-kind projects are here to stay for the long run, ensuring that every inch of the building – from its exterior to the most delicate equipment inside – will stand the test of time.

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About Construction Professionals Pte Ltd (CPPL)

Construction Professionals Pte Ltd (CPPL), a subsidiary of CPG Corporation, is Singapore’s longest serving infrastructure construction professional company. Dedicated in providing specialised site supervision and project management services to ensure concepts and aspirations turn into spaces and structures that stand the test of time.

As a business operating in the heart of Singapore’s construction industry, CPPL believes in leaving a positive legacy in our industry and our communities. We uphold the values of professionalism, transparency and corporate governance in our work and communications with clients and partners.

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About PM Link Pte Ltd

PM Link Pte Ltd (PM Link), a subsidiary of CPG Corporation, is one of the leading project managers in the Asian region. Specialising in project management, PM Link’s services range from conceptualising, planning, and coordinating building and infrastructure projects both local and overseas. Some of our notable projects include the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Changi Airport, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, State Courts Towers, Woodlands Checkpoint, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and National Centre for Infectious Diseases.

As a veteran in the industry, PM Link value-add to clients and the whole delivery process with dedication and leadership, strategic planning, and a constant commitment on delivering quality work and efficient management of time and budget.

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