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Masjid Al-Islah

Masjid Al-Islah is a mosque organised as 3 individual blocks which housed the Main Prayer Hall, Learning Centre and Administrative function. By articulating each block differently, a clear identity is established and allows easy orientation through the mosque complex. Similar to a village set-up, the 3 blocks are arranged to allow for shared spaces between the blocks for various activities. The Main Prayer Block façade composed of an arabesque screen system hung from a structural frame which reduces solar heat gain and encourage natural ventilation within. The highly intricate Arabesque pattern helps to create a conducive space for worship. The learning centre façade is defined by a diminishing structural grid on the exterior and is intersperse by a deep set arabesque pattern skin that provide effective screening from the sun and maximise natural ventilation at the same time. The Administrative Block is perceived as a solid tower that anchors the mosque complex to its street corner site. The series of deep set windows and internal structural fins form part of the passive sun-shading strategy of the façade while abstracting the outline of the Minaret of Jam in Afghanistan.

LOCATION: Punggol Field, Singapore


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