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Masjid Yusof Ishak

Masjid Yusof Ishak has a capacity for 4,500 congregants, and includes a dedicated praying area for women, lifts and ramps for older worshippers, and a large space for families. The design simulates a Tropical Malay house with pitched roof, overhangs and verandas. Full height windows aids in natural cross ventilation into the Mosque to keep the interiors airy and comfortable. One main feature of the Mosque is the Mimbar. In order to have an ornate floral design timber centrepiece, skilled craftsmen were sourced in Malaysia to hand carve and fabricate the Mimbar in teakwood. The Yusof Ishak mosque closely adheres to the standard requirements for mosques, such as the Mosque must orientate towards Mecca at 293 Degrees, entrance to Main Prayer Hall must be from the back, the saff grid and orientation, Mimbar to have direct access from Imam Room, Exterior tiles to be slip resistance as it may be quite wet after the ablution during prayers, etc. Named after the well-adored, first president of Singapore, the imposing mosque is the newest addition not only to the Muslim community in Singapore, but people of all races. It features facilities non-Muslims can make use of, such as a multi -purpose hall and capacious conference rooms. To memorialise Mr. Yusof Ishak's contributions to Singapore's nation-building, the mosque drew inspiration from his professional and private residences. The design breaks away from the traditional grand domes and adopts a genuine feel of a Malay house, blending traditional Mosque characteristics with Nusantara heritage while looking into the functional requirement. Islamic motifs and Nusantara pattern are prominently used throughout the Mosque.

LOCATION: Woodlands Drive 17, Singapore


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